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CoopMed develops social finance in the MENA region

CoopMed supports the creation of employment and sustainable economic activities by the civil society, and promotes green and innovative initiatives enhancing social entrepreneurship. CoopMed offers subordinated and senior loans to MFIs, local banks and mutual companies.


CoopMed finances a wide range of institutions covering MFIs, local banks, mutual companies and local financial intermediaries.


CoopMed has a dedicated team of multilingual and multi-skilled professionals committed to bring positive changes.

Funding Partners

CoopMed partners are international development financial institutions, social and ethical banks, mutual insurance companies and impact investing companies sharing the same ambitions.

Technical Assistance

Thanks to our responsible investors, we can provide technical advisory services to all our investees to enhance their capacities and provide better experience to final clients.

Investment Manager

Inpulse is a Brussels-based investment manager with special know-how on social investments and microfinance.


How to get in touch with us.

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